"Szathmáry" - more like college!


The college of department of one of the best high schools, grammar schools belong to the Bethlen Gábor Reformed. Hódmezővásárhely heart, close to schools, close to the stadium. Building and ethos reflects a value system that will respond to the expectations of modern educational institutions and traditional values ​​as well.

Accordingly, we are trying comfortable, livable home to provide the young people arriving from the countryside who are pursuing their studies in our city, and more athletic build their careers here. We continue to develop, improve these conditions. Our efforts can be seen outside the building traces of eyes inside and out as well. Where a new club room, computer room, a library, where a gym, or on the football field with artificial turf is made out.

As a hardware structure of a computer is just a good software can function successfully with the impact of what we can only achieve our goals by programs. We need to ensure the learning, sports, leisure, entertainment. And the antenna we need to emphasize health, meals, order, cleanliness, discipline, physical and spiritual needs, we pay attention ups and downs, both success and failure. This is not very large number of students will allow you to get to know our students more thoroughly and help unleashing their talent. Proprietary software expertise of our staff great success, hard work is guaranteed.

There are more than fifty of our students can enjoy the comfort of the college and opportunities, which still dominate specifically family atmosphere. The city also has several secondary schools of our students, not just the Bethlen. More than half of collegians with a commitment to learning intézményünkbe may have been due to the love of football, which is due to Hódmezővásárhelyi Football Academy to our cooperation. Many of them are from abroad, most of them came from Vojvodina.

We believe that the "kids" so they leave us moral and spiritual knowledge, which will contribute to successfully compete in this life.


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